Exit in Tardis - Cambridge 2012

Mill Street, Cambridge 2012

Bird-watching in rain forest

Audrey Horridge with great-granddaughter Freya in 2012

Adrian Horridge

I am a retired professor still working on bee vision and general history of traditional canoes and sailing boats of the Pacific region.

Updated 2017-03-20

The latest news is that my right hip is restored, but the reconstruction of the knee still has some way to go with more exercises.

I expect to be in Cambridge for the month of July 2017 in Churchill college.

It has been a mild summer and, for those that know it, the rose garden is doing well. There will probably be a Spring Garden Party about the first week of November, when the roses are in full bloom.

Recent papers on bee vision

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Video interview 2012 (ANU School of History project)


Family Record

Older papers on bee vision


Indonesian Canoes and Sailing Boats